The Thief-takers Apprentice

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The Shark is Most of them had no idea who the three men were. Nor did they particularly care.

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  • The thief-taker's apprentice.

Theyd come into Four Winds Square for the spectacle, for a bit of blood, for a Sun-day afternoon of entertainment. Theyd come for the jugglers and the fire-breathers, the pies and the pastry-sellers, the singers and the speakers.

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And the boy reminds him of someone as well. Berren becomes his apprentice. And is introduced to a world of shadows, deceit and corruption behind the streets he thought he knew.

Full of richly observed life in a teeming fantasy city, a hectic progression of fights, flights and fancies and charting the fall of a boy into the dark world of political plotting and murder this marks the beginning of a new fantasy series for all lovers of fantasy — from fans of Kristin Cashore to Brent Weeks. Why did we read this book: Ana is a definite fan of author Stephen Deas — having reviewed and enjoyed his adult novels, The Adamantine Palace and The King of Crags Thea promises to get on board with these two titles as soon as possible, too.

So, when we learned of his YA fantasy debut, we were very excited to give it a read. This is one aptly told and engaging book, and I was able to enjoy it all in just about one sitting. And I have to say: I really liked it, in fact, I liked it even more than his adult books. Thea: In the port city of Deephaven, young Berren not old enough to be properly called a man, but certainly no child survives as a deft thief. Working under the protection of boss Fagin, Berren is like many other orphaned boys in the city — ruthless, quick, and opportunistic.

The Thief-Taker’s Apprentice

During a scheduled public execution of two thieves takes place in the city square, Berren eagerly pushes his way to watch the festivities — and instantly becomes fixed on the Thief-Taker. Publicly receiving 10 golden emperors as payment for his services, the temptation is too much for Berren to pass up, as he decides to follow the mysterious thief-taker and nab his purse. Easier said than done — especially when other, larger men have the same idea and are easily thwarted by the thief-taker and his magical abilities.

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  8. Somehow, Berren is able to escape with the purse…only to find it filled with rust and worthless coppers. Forced into an apprenticeship with the moody, violent, yet fascinating Syannis, Berren comes to grips with his new life. Facing challenges from both without and within, Berren reluctantly accepts his new role — and when dire threat faces he and his new master, both thief-takers will be tested to their limits.

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    Plot-wise and writing-wise, Mr. Deas is a skilled storyteller, deftly moving the action along as young Berren struggles in his new position in life.

    Nothing out of the ordinary. That said, I do think that Mr. Deas has undeniable skill as a writer. I loved that there is less a reliance on magic in this fantasy novel, and more a focus on the harsh reality of life in Deephaven. Ana: There is no denying that Stephen Deas can weave a story and the book greatest strength lies in its central storyline and paced adventure.

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    I love the idea of Thief-Taking for example and how it is more about diplomacy than fighting skills although there is no shortage of great fighting sequences. Similarly, the world that the characters inhabit is interesting even though we have more quick glimpses than actual in-depth exploration, of political, religious and economical issues that shape Deephaven. I have to say, it intrigued me and I would have liked to know more. Berren is your quintessential teen fantasy vagabond — reluctant, rough around the edges, but with a heart of gold and some serious skills beneath.

    Flawed enough to be sympathetic, yet strong enough to be inspiring, Berren is the perfect blend of vulnerability and ruggedness. And, the Batman to his Robin, Syannis is charmingly unpredictable. The relationship between Berren and Syannis is classic stuff — the curmudgeonly master with his trouble-prone apprentice is a classic trope, and one that Mr. Deas plays on with aplomb. Ana: Instead of spreading the action into different point of views as before, this time around the author concentrates on one character and his journey and for a reader who prefers character-driven stories this should have been heaven.

    I think part of it does come from a degree of predictability emanating from the main character. On their own, I actually liked Syannis as a character more than I liked Berren because as Thea says, he did have a certain degree of unpredictability as well as an intriguing back story, and that is perhaps another issue since the book is a YA novel and I ended up liking the adult character more. One last note on female characters, because this is something that I am becoming more and more aware of.

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    She does have a mind of her own and her own moment to shine and I liked the execution of this character until the very end when she is of course, kidnapped by his enemy and used as bait which seemed like a shortcut to motivate the hero to be on his full on hero-mode and finally face his enemy. Three books in, and it feels as though I am still waiting to fall deeply in love with his books — the spark is definitely there, it just needs something else to ignite it.

    The crowd had come to watch three men die.

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    Most of them had no idea who the three men were. Nor did they particularly care. The thief ran through them with practised ease. The crowd barely noticed he was there. If anyone had asked him how old he was, he might have said twelve or he might have said sixteen, depending on who was doing the asking. Books Fiction Crime Fiction.

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    The thief-taker's apprentice by Stephen Deas 07 April Category: Teenage Fiction 12 to 15 Years. Berren has lived in the city all his life. He has made his way as a thief, paying a little of what he earns to the Fagin like master of their band. But there is a twist to this tale of a thief. One day Berren goes to watch an execution of three thieves.